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With our CAD approach, designed to minimize cost and maximize efficiency, Outsourcehub can give you the resources you need to take your product from concept to market, fast and cost-effectively. Our mechanical design engineers, boasting over 10 years of experience across multiple industries and countries, guarantee a high-quality output that keeps your budget and timeline in mind.

The mechanical engineer of today has an abundance of tools at his or her disposal. A few programmes including Pro-E, SolidWorks, and CATIA, offer 3D models that bring your idea to life, let you and others see the finished result, and let you prototype quickly and easily. As an engineering manager or business owner, you might not always have access to mechanical CAD modelling knowledge, and you deal with fixed budgets. When labour and materials are taken into consideration, manufacturing your prototypes by hand on a mill or lathe takes much too long and can be expensive. Here, Outsourcehubb is the best place to go for all of your CAD modelling need. We use these tools to carry out Bill of Materials (BOM), Surface, Assembly, Sheet Metal, Solid, Casting, and Aerodynamic modelling.

Outsourcing your Mechanical CAD Modeling to Outsourcehubb will benefit you greatly. Using our Mechanical Engineering and Design services, you can expect:

Faster time to market – as much as a 50% reduction

Lower design cost – as much as 50% reduction in investment

Enhanced product design with improved manufacturability

Improved product lifecycle management

Our Mechanical CAD Modeling Service Expertise

At Outsourcehubb, we provide a variety of Mechanical CAD Design Services for a variety of industries, includingAutomotive, Aerospace, Naval, Medical, General Appliances, and Consumer Products. Our areas of expertise include:

Casting Modeling:
Prototype casting can be a costly and time-consuming process. Our experienced CAD Engineers will turn your concepts rapidly into 3D models. These models can be used to generate prototype casts in a matter of hours, allowing you to begin prototyping immediately.
Solid Modeling:

Solid Modeling is widely used today to generate 3D solid part models, combine parts to form assemblies, test interfaces, and avoid interference between parts. Our expert team is highly trained in all available Solid Modeling software packages and will work with you to generate and maintain your designs.

Surface Modeling:
When only the outer appearance is key, we will provide surface models that convey the appearance and meaning of your design for evaluation. If you choose to turn your model into a visual prototype – look no further! We will help you through this seamless process.
Assembly Modeling:
Our team will ensure that parts you design fit seamlessly with other parts in your assembly, taking the time to verify that proper tolerances and clearances are maintained through the production of the part and ensuring that components can articulate without interference.
Sheet Metal Modeling:
Sheet Metal Modeling requires additional considerations when being produced, as a 3D enclosure  must be drawn as a 2D part that is machined flat and then folded and welded into its final shape. Sheet metal parts are weight and cost effective, but cannot be fabricated directly from a 3D concept. Our team will provide drawings
that can be fabricated directly by any sheet metal fabrication house.
Bill Of Materials (BOM):
In addition to developing an assembly level model of your product or design, we will provide you with a detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) that details all of the parts and drawings included in your assembly. A BOM is instrumental in documenting and producing your product, and a valuable product lifecycle management tool.

CAD Modeling Quality Assurance

At Outsourcehubb, we strive to provide the industry best in Quality, Turnaround, and Pricing. Quality is number one at Outsourcehubb, and we will not rest until you are happy with our solution. Combined with our rapid, on-time turnaround times and most competitive Pricing in the industry, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Benefits – Working with Outsourcehubb

Outsourcehubb engineers are adept at using CAD software to visualize the final product, its subassemblies and allied parts. This helps in improving the product design quality, leads to better documentation of designs with fewer drawing errors and legibility.

At Outsourcehubb we understand very well that structures, designs and workflows are becoming more complex and that’s in turn impacting engineers and architects. 

Outsourcehubb has the capability to isolate, analyze, test, approve or change each individual component of a structure— without changing or altering other design components. All these happen even before you are ready for manufacturing your product. 

Outsourcehubb experience help you gain more precision and control over your model. We analyze and measure each component of a machine, product or a building individually. This leads to precise modeling and designs.

We repurpose the knowledge and experience we gain to create new designs quickly for you to get you models that you can manufacture with confidence.

As we understand client’s requirements, we design with emphasis on safety, reliability, and usability. We compare, evaluate and select concepts for development. We also participate in creating, measuring and assessing prototypes, and recognizing and resolving design problems during new mechanical CAD modeling.

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